Susan Thompson

Susan Thompson


  • Cell: 802.324.1954
  • Office: 802.265.0109

About Susan Thompson

Susan has held several job titles and roles, often having more than one job at once. If she is not working two jobs, then she’s busy developing a new skill or organizing a space or project. Organizing and learning are passions of hers.

For several years she has worked in supply chain, and her experience includes negotiating pricing and delivery terms, expediting materials under extremely short timelines and adverse conditions, managing timelines and budget concerns even when materials and specs change, and materials management, including warehousing and transportation. Susan has worked in health care, consumer products manufacturing, biotechnology, government contracting, event management and consulting.

Over her career, she has learned to balance conflicting priorities and manage stressful situations. She enjoys situations where she can enjoy getting to know people, get her work done, help others, and produce an excellent product, whether that is tangible or not. Her goal is that the customer should always feel good about working with her, and they should achieve their goals together.


She lives in Essex with her husband, and the cat and the dog. She is a stepmom to his two grown children who visit frequently.